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Top 5 Xamarin courses of the 2024

Xamarin Forms is Microsoft’s powerful framework, which allows development for Android, iOS and Windows, with a single code base, both C# for business logic and XAML for the definition of graphical interfaces, which allows sharing up to 90% of code.

If you are just starting out in the world of Xamarin, you will surely have come across a lot of resources, which would take you some time to process and assimilate in order to learn. Even in some youtube tutorials you may not learn the best practices about this technology, so this time, I will show you which are the best Xamarin courses in Spanish.

The best Xamarin course of the 2024

This is definitely the best course to learn Xamarin Forms. It starts with the installation of the Visual Studio IDE, whether you have MacOS or Windows. Likewise, you will learn how to carry out the correct configuration to develop apps with this technology.

Subsequently, you will learn essential topics such as Controls, Layouts and Pages, with which you will be able to build the layout of your applications.

An indispensable point in Xamarin is learning how to navigate between pages, which you will also learn as part of this Xamarin Forms course.

You will also learn what Data Binding is and how to use it, as well as how to take advantage of Commands to decouple the GUI code from the business logic.

One step later, you will learn how to use lists in your applications, so that they look the way you want, and you will also learn how to manage the information, both to bind the data to be displayed, and to obtain the information of each selected element. Within this topic, you will also learn how to perform grouping in a ListView.

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As part of an app based on Xamarin Forms, it is essential that you learn how to centralize styles so you are not repeating code over and over again, you will also learn this as part of this course.

To continue practicing and learning, in the next module, you will learn how to create a weather application, thanks to a REST Service, which we will consume and style the application to make it look extraordinary.

If you need to carry out some platform-specific task, either Android or iOS, you will be able to do it thanks to Dependency Services, a topic that is also touched upon in the course.

Subsequently, you will learn how to carry out the creation and use of local databases with Xamarin Forms.

Definitely, the best course to learn how to program from scratch with Xamarin.

The best Xamarin Forms Shell course of the 2024

This course is wonderful, as it is 100% practical. It starts with an introduction about Shell, and what are the requirements to use it.

Then, it teaches you how to create a class to host the elements in the Shell. One step later, through pre-created pages, we start creating the visual hierarchy of the application, using Flyouts. A step-by-step walkthrough of each feature is given, so that there are no gaps in the learning process.

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If working with Tabs is your thing, then the course will also show you how to bypass the Flyout and just work with and customize a TabBar.

Next, you will learn how to configure your pages in the Xamarin Forms Shell, and finally, you will learn how to perform custom navigation and search as part of the Xamarin Forms Shell.

The best Advanced Xamarin Forms Course of the 2024

If you already have some experience with Xamarin Forms, and you are looking to specialize in advanced topics, the advanced course on selected Xamarin Forms topics is for you.

First, we will cover the Device class, which is a class that allows us to perform certain actions in a cross-platform way.

Afterwards, the topic of XAML Namespaces is covered, where topics such as the use of classes within the XAML file, use of Factory Method, among others, are discussed.

Next, the topic of Markup Extensions is discussed, how to create classes so that we can use them from the XAML code.

A step later, the topic of Bindable Properties, Attached Properties and Attached Behavios is discussed. The first ones are to create bindable properties through bindings, the second and third ones add functionality to the properties and controls, without making changes to them.

Then, the topic of transformations is covered, which is related to the next topic, animations in xamarin forms. In these modules, you will learn how to create animations that will give a plus to your applications.

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Later, with the Triggers topic, you will learn how to trigger certain actions to change something in the graphical interface, such as enabling or disabling a text box if previous ones have been filled or not.

We also touch on Behaviors, which allow us to extend the functionality of a control in an easy way. They are very useful to create event commands not exposed in a native way.

The last 2 points, have to do with Effects and Custom Renderers. The first, will allow us to extend the functionality of controls without modifying the control itself, and the second, to create custom controls.

Undoubtedly, the best Xamarin Forms course in advanced topics.

The best Xamarin Forms course with frameworks of the 2024

This course is ideal if you already have experience with Xamarin Forms and want to take your development to the next level. In the course, you will develop an application with the Prism framework, which is a framework designed and developed specifically for Xamarin Forms, so it is lightweight.

Throughout the course, you will learn how to implement concepts such as navigation between ViewModels, de-coupling through the dependency injection container, and other topics such as creating different forms of navigation like tabbars and master detail apps.