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Top 5 Object Oriented Programming courses of 2024

Are you a programming student or do you love this world and want to specialize? Then you should know these six object-oriented programming courses that will benefit you in your professional life. This paradigm is a special way of programming that is more similar to the way we express things in real life.

When using this type of programming, you have to think about how to solve problems in a completely different way than the usual structured programming. This scheme was a revolution in the 80s, improving the vision we had of the programming world, introducing a new way to organize the codes of a program, grouping them by objects, which later evolved to develop webs and mobile apps.

Therefore, we want to show you these five object-oriented programming courses that have the best score in online platforms.

The best Object Oriented Programming course, focused on a case study in 2024

If you are looking for a course that teaches you in a practical way how to apply object oriented programming concepts, using the C# programming language, then the course “Object Oriented Programming with c#, A practical case”, is your ideal course.

In it, we will start with a text that will represent business requirements, in order to extract the classes and properties that will solve the problem. Subsequently, we will identify the responsibilities of each class, and we will complete the implementation of interfaces in the project.

The best Object Oriented Design and Programming in C# course of 2024

Programming is not just about writing code, so this object-oriented programming course will teach you everything you need to build software that is maintainable. With all the information you will receive, you will be able to create applications that work and evolve easily. In addition, it will help you use C# tools to build programs with good practices.

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This course is especially aimed at programmers of object-oriented languages such as C#, Java, etc.; also to team leaders of development teams and aspiring software architects, so it will be of utmost importance to have basic knowledge of OOP.

The best Object Oriented Programming with C# course of 2024

If you already have knowledge in C#, maybe it is time to start in object-oriented programming with this course, but with the peculiarity that you will learn with one of the most intuitive programs on the market: Visual Studio 2019. In the following modules you will learn to understand OOP and make use of inheritance, polymorphism, etc., to create objects and switch from a structured paradigm to an object-oriented one.

This course is designed for people who want to learn about object-oriented programming and, in general, to those who have basic programming knowledge and want to start in this type of language, for them it is important to have a computer with Windows and basic knowledge of C#.

The best Object Oriented Programming with Python 3 course of 2024

If you are looking for a quick guide with practical examples, this object-oriented programming course is for you. Here you will learn the four fundamental pillars of OOP in Python3. The moderator, Luis Cruz has prepared a series of classes starting from the basics, through abstraction and inheritance, to polymorphism and encapsulation.

All you need is a basic knowledge of Python3 and a computer with an internet connection. This course has accumulated more than six thousand students and was last updated in 2020, so you will receive quality information adapted to the new times.

Best C# OOP course, applying C# OOP concepts in real projects in 2024

This OOP course is a complete guide that will help you implement the concepts of this paradigm in C#, especially if you want to create your own web apps, phone apps, video games or reinforce your knowledge. You will achieve this and more using interactive programming techniques, that is, you will learn by applying your knowledge in practice.

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In addition, if you have any doubts you can rely on the forum that will be completely at your disposal. All this and more from the hand of Juan Gabriel Gomilla Salas, who has created this material with the help of OAK Academy.

Step by step and from the basics, you will build your knowledge and at the end of the course you will have a solid understanding of object oriented programming with C#, as well as continuous access, fast support and a friendly environment.

The best Object Oriented Programming with Java course of 2024

Learn and use the techniques that this object oriented programming course has for you in simple and practical lessons. From the basic classes for the creation of all types of Java applications to the analysis of OOP concepts and their application in programs, this course is what you need if you want to reinforce your knowledge and get started in this world.

Module by module you will acquire a solid training in the Java language and the basic APIs to successfully face the study of new technologies specialized in the creation of all types of applications for Android, Java EE, etc.

For this reason, this course is designed for people with a basic knowledge of the Java language who want to advance in it, for the same reason it is requested that students have a knowledge of the syntax and fundamentals of this language.

The best Object Oriented Programming with C# and SQL Server course of 2024

This object-oriented programming course is an excellent option if you want to learn how to create all the applications that may be in high demand in the market. In addition, to develop techniques and strategies to help you make apps with an advanced programming language. The incredible thing about this proposal is that it is constantly updated, so you can always enter and discover new and interesting things. This course is aimed at all people who wish to enter this world in Microsoft environments, so it will be important to have minimal knowledge in this area, as well as willingness to learn, discipline and passion, without forgetting to have installed some version of Visual Studio and SQL Server.

There is no doubt that the world we live in today allows us to reinforce our knowledge or learn something new anywhere in the world. So it is essential to take advantage of online platforms that provide us with object-oriented programming courses or any kind of knowledge in these.

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The best Object Oriented Programming Course of the 2024.

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This is definitely the best Object Oriented Programming course to learn in this 2024.