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Top 5 leadership courses in 2024

Leadership is a very important skill for any entrepreneur or person who wants or needs to manage people. Times have changed a lot since those times when it was believed that a good boss was the one who did not let any fault go unnoticed. To develop a good leadership, it is extremely important to know what to do and what not to do, that is why we have compiled the 5 best leadership courses of 2020. Let’s get to it!

The best Leadership course of 2024

If you are looking to develop your skills as a leader and become a master in leading teams, this course is for you.

The course is divided into a theoretical part, in which topics about the fundamentals of leadership and what elements should be exercised so that you can strengthen your skills as a leader are discussed.

The course also gives you the invitation to belong to a private and exclusive facebook group, where you will be able to share experiences about leadership with the people in the group.

The course begins by touching on the fundamentals of leadership, as well as topics that will help you improve it, such as positive thinking. It also proposes practices to help you improve these skills. Subsequently, it teaches how to help other people to think positively and be better in their daily lives.

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Apart from this material, bonuses are included in the course for free, such as a set of audios to improve your leadership, a masterclass to define personal goals, and some extra materials.

The best leadership course to develop management skills in 2024

In this course, you will learn how to develop a series of basic competencies that will help you to better position yourself in the labor market. One of the bases of the course are the so-called Brutal Facts of leadership, which are facts or mantras that will help you to better understand leadership and to apply it correctly.

Also included are a series of basic competencies to improve a person’s leadership, such as acting, influencing, focusing, achieving through others and communication skills.

The best Culture & Lean Management focused Leadership course of 2024

If your situation is that you are, or are about to take a key position in the management of technology or science teams, then this is the course for you.

The course begins by analyzing how to carry out estimates of a technology project, following some strategies such as the creation of MVPs or minimum viable products, in order to raise capital for projects. Subsequently, the assembly of teams for the execution of the project is discussed, from the structure they should have, to recruitment and induction.

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Other interesting points are also discussed, such as how to unlock bottlenecks due to management issues, and how to have a good engineering culture to avoid them.

Finally, in the last two sections, topics focusing on your role as a project leader are covered, such as keeping teams motivated, delegation of responsibilities and team follow-up. Finally, the topic of operations acceleration is covered, which will allow you to have an accurate estimation, calculating the deployment times in production.

The best leadership course to improve communication in 2024

This course, which is actually part of a series of courses on leadership, deals with the topic of communication, which is fundamental to keep teams motivated.

The course is based on assertive communication, which allows us to express our ideas clearly, always with an air of respect for the opinions of others. This leads to the next topic, which teaches us how and why we should listen and pay attention to what the people in our charge say.

Subsequently, emphasis is placed on functional conversations, which are divided into formal and informal conversations, in order to know when to correctly apply each of them. It also addresses the differences between dialogues vs. conversations, as well as emotional communication, which will allow us to have well-motivated people to meet the objectives of the organization.

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Finally, the development of communication skills is discussed, which leads to the development of plans to constantly improve our personality and our work teams. It also emphasizes the development of skills such as listening to people, increasing emotional intelligence and practicing improved conversations on a daily basis.

The best Leadership course with a scientific and humanistic approach of 2024

This course has a more humanistic approach, and is based on neuroscience. This has to do with the study of our reactions and thoughts, with which we can achieve animated teams that work in a motivated way in their day to day.

Throughout the course, topics such as neuroleadership, the characteristics of the leader, self-leadership, charisma, power, motivation, loyalty, and many other topics that are of utmost importance when we talk about leadership.