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Top 5 Flutter courses of the 2023

If you are looking for Flutter, it may be because you want to carry out the development of a multi-platform application, both for Android and iOS. Behind the development of Flutter is the Google company, so it is one of the best technologies to develop apps for Android and Google. On this occasion, we list the 5 best Flutter courses of the year.

The best Flutter course of the 2023

Undoubtedly, what you are looking for is a course that takes you by the hand from learning the Dart language, which is the language used to develop applications with Flutter. After this, the author takes you by the hand to learn how to install and configure Flutter, as well as the physical and virtual devices.

Subsequently, the creation of the classic Hello World, and a counter type application is carried out. One of the fundamentals of Flutter, are the components, that’s why a whole section is also dedicated to them.

As if this were not enough, and to learn concepts such as SQLite, the development of multiple projects, such as a movie application, and a QR Scanner is carried out.

With more than 31.5 hours of video on demand, this is the recommended course to learn flutter in Spanish.

The best Flutter Course focused on UI and UX design of the 2023

If you want to specialize in the creation of modern user interfaces with Flutter, this is the course for you.

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Although the course is oriented to the creation of graphical interfaces, the truth is that it touches from the basics of Dart, to the creation of applications that look good graphically.

The course starts with a section to learn how to program with Dart, although it is not very deep, it is quite acceptable to work with Flutter.

Subsequently, the different Widgets that compose the Flutter framework are covered in depth, where topics such as navigation and Dialogs are also discussed.

One step further, the use of the http package is touched, to carry out REST services consumption. Also, important topics such as Providers, Streams, state management, and other interesting topics such as the use of the Youtube API data are touched.

The best Flutter course focused on Animation of the 2023

This is not a basic course, this course is for those who have previously taken an introductory Flutter course.

In this course, topics are covered so that you can create custom animations and enhance your GUI designs for your Flutter-based applications.

In the course, animations are used to enhance the design of Flutter Widgets, thus achieving a harmonious effect, which greatly improves interactivity.

The idea of this course is that each topic that composes it, serves to develop an application at the end of the course, reusing all the knowledge that is being acquired.

The best Flutter and Firebase course of the 2023

Este curso, va enfocado a la creación de un CRUD, utilizando servicios como Authentication, Storage y cloud Firestore.

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Es un curso totalmente práctico, en el cual, se inicia con el tema del Registro de usuarios, desde la creación de la vista del formulario, pasando por la validación del formulario, hasta llegar a la inserción en Cloud Firestore.

Posteriormente, se continúa con el consumo de información, creando una lista de los usuarios registrados en la base de datos. De igual forma, se presenta la forma del despliegue de los detalles de los usuarios previamente creados.

Posteriormente, se trata el tema de la actualización de los usuarios, tanto de la información, como de la imagen de perfil.

Finalmente, se muestra cómo llevar a cabo el filtro de los usuarios, y la creación de la interfaz para el login, por lo que es una excelente forma de practicar con Flutter.

The best Advanced Flutter course of the 2023

This course starts with the warning that it is not a course for beginners, so it is advisable to have taken an introductory course to Flutter before taking this one.

The course covers topics that although they seem to be advanced, the truth is that at some point in your life you will need them, as they are everyday topics in many types of multiplatform applications.

First, we start with the topic of Login and responsive designs. The following section is related to this topic, since it shows how to login with facebook, google and email.

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Then, it is shown how to use Slivers and Clippers to create attractive designs with your listings in the application. One step further, the topic of using NoSQL databases, the Deezer API, music playback and payment processing with Stripe is covered.