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Top 5 Autocad courses of 2024

For all of us this year has meant completely changing our way of life, including the way we work, socialize and even study. That’s why online tools and platforms have become one of our greatest allies. We can learn everything we want and specialize in what we need. In this way, AutoCAD online courses have had a greater relevance in these months.

This computer tool is the most widespread and important at present, it was developed by Autodesk and is basically focused on design, specifically in the engineering and architecture sector. For this reason, many professionals use it daily to create plans and designs with millimetric precision, coming up with engine parts, building plans, jewelry and even fashion designs.

One of the advantages of finding this type of AutoCAD courses online is that you can learn from different experts in different countries without the need to leave your home. So, if you want to know the courses with the best user ratings on different platforms, you should keep reading.

The best AutoCAD online courses according to users:

The best course to learn AutoCAD 2D and 3D of 2024

If you want to learn about computer-aided design, this online AutoCAD course is for you. In a simple and fun way you will acquire the necessary knowledge to organize projects, print plans and 3D designs.

Designed for students who are just starting to use this important software or for professionals who want to update their knowledge. Throughout the course you will develop examples in order to know and understand how to use the most important elements of AutoCAD. You will start with the basic concepts to understand the two-dimensional design, which is supported by lines, arcs, rectangles, among others; going through the tools to edit entities that you have already created.

The best AutoCAD Crash Course from zero to professional 2024

This is the course you are looking for if you want to learn from scratch or become a professional in the handling of AutoCAD, but in an intensive way. The instructor offers you his 20 years of experience in this program and guarantees that you will be able to respond to any problem and solve it immediately with the advice and content he has prepared for you.

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For him, your time is valuable, so he has designed a program that helps you to be more efficient in your learning, cutting out any unnecessary pauses and avoiding the repetition of concepts. Although the course starts with the basics, thanks to practical examples you will be able to learn the use of different functionalities and combinations that will allow you to draw, cut, copy, extend, print, etc., up to the point of creating your own designs.

With almost a thousand students and 230 ratings, this course is aimed at technical draftsmen, architects, engineers, surveyors and in general, anyone who wants to learn.

The best AutoCAD civil 3D course of 2024

This online AutoCAD course requires that you already have some knowledge of the program, so it is especially designed for students and professionals in civil engineering. In the first module you will learn how to familiarize yourself with the graphical interface and how to handle points.

Then, the instructor in charge will help you to create lines and plots, extracting the information from them and then labeling them. In the last part of the course you will create surfaces and learn how to display them in different ways to visualize the information you have.

Over 1000 have already ventured into this course with a perfect five star rating.

The best course to become an AutoCAD Expert in 2024

Mike Freeman has created an online AutoCAD course that will help you become an expert in 2D drawing like a pro through a progressive and applied teaching methodology that ensures you develop your skills in the use of the software. Even so, you can learn at your own pace and in less than seven days you will be an expert.

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You will start by learning what you need to draw with AutoCAD 2D 2020 by creating files in a clean way that will allow you to create, edit or draw objects. Therefore, to complete the course you will need a computer with internet access, the basics of the Windows environment and geometric shapes.

This course has more than 300 students and a rating of 4.4 stars.

The best AutoCAD course with a focus on printing in 2021

If you are looking for an online AutoCAD course specialized in printing, this is your best option. With the basic knowledge already mastered, this program is focused on enabling you to print scale drawings with text sizes and dimensions appropriate to the quality required.

In a second module, the course moderator will go into detail on the creation of all types of blocks that are made in the AutoCAD program, from the most basic to the annotative and finally the dynamic. Finally, you will learn how to create a template to optimize your time in your work when you are about to start a drawing.

This course is aimed at students and professionals of architecture and engineering in any of its branches who are interested in learning, so it is required to have basic knowledge of mathematics and previous experience in hand drawing.

With these online AutoCAD courses you will have everything you need to train or strengthen your knowledge in this program so requested in many labor sectors. Take a chance and let us know which of these proposals you like the most.

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The best AutoCAD Course of the 2024.

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This is definitely the best AutoCAD course to learn in this 2024.